CRS Athletic Sledgehammer Blocks

CRS builds the most durable sledgehammer blocks out there. When tested against the competition CRS blocks do not crumble apart. Weights and sledgehammers are no match for the quality of our products. Uses include, but are not limited to: crossfit, plyobox, step-up, bench, agility drills, carrying and throwing.… #crossfit #plyobox #bench #drills #sledgehammer #blocks

Quality Materials!

If you are looking for cheap China made rubber flooring or sledgehammer blocks, you have come to the wrong place. CRS only makes high-quality, high impact gym parts. CRS products are guaranteed to last. Meaning, our parts don’t need to be glued down, won’t curl, won’t crumble, and won’t smell. Our products will take the …

CRS Athletic

Cumberland Rubber Supply high-density rubber is the Ferrari of rubber products. (And we can back it up) Our high-density gym flooring is used where high performance is a must. We don’t build low-cost parts to compete with China. We implement a hands-on high-quality manufacturing process for a reason. Our customer base includes the NFL, MLB, …

The Home Gym

CRS Athletics is here to help you take your home gym from zero-to-hero. Check out some of our favorite designs on our Pinterest page, outdoor space and indoor gyms or this sleek design that’s perfect for a family who wants to get their workout in together!